Deck Safety Concerns & Tips

Decking_ExtendnewYou might spend a lot of time outdoors or you may not. But your outdoor decking is there year-round. It is attacked by the elements, tolerates foot traffic, puts up with the weight of the furniture, and is hardly protected. Depending on the deck construction and material, it might serve you for 15 or 20 years or maybe more before it screams for some repairs. But it wouldn’t hurt if you had it checked every spring. It’s all about your safety. And here we’ll explore the deck safety concerns and will also offer a few tips on how to avoid tears. Read More

Deck vs Patio: the Conflict of the Outdoor Titans

deckVSpatioWe often talk about decks and patios and actually mean the outdoor space, where we sit, eat, and relax. And it’s true. They are both outdoor structures that turn our landscape into a living place where you can entertain friends, grill, read, or simply enjoy the stars & the moon. That’s their similarity. But an outdoor decking is a completely different structure from a patio and installed for entirely different purposes, which have to do with your budget, terrain, and personal needs. So let’s define them, check their pros and cons, and see whether a stone patio or a wood deck will be the best option for your garden.

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