3 Excellent Reasons for Wood Pergolas

Home improvement enthusiasts, who appreciate the merits of backyards, can hardly resist the idea of custom pergolas. A well-designed and properly built and installed pergola becomes the natural extension of the home. It’s like the human arms. With it, the probabilities of doing more things outdoors are increased. A landscape without the right features looks empty and is hardly used. It’s like a cone without the ice-cream. And although its charming appeal is the main reason for ordering a pergola, there is so much more to it. Here it is:

  • Let’s start with the obvious: Wood pergolas add elegance

With a custom pergola, you can choose among a zillion designs, shapes, styles, and sizes. It depends on landscape space, personal preferences, budget, and purpose. This enables you to design the pergola that will enhance the beauty of the yard and thus increase the resale value of the home. So, it’s a win-win. You can use it to let climbing plants grow and increase further the elegance of the landscape. But you can choose to just throw a white cloth over it to bring a special, summer aura to your back yard.

  • Wooden pergolas offer protection

Pergolas are actually special garden constructions supported by pillars or posts. They are quasi open on the top and open or semi-closed to the sides. Since they are connected to the building, they can create shade during the summer, protect the windows from the rain, and serve as the tunnel which might lead to a wooden gazebo. And it will all be protected.

  • With the right wood pergola, you’ll have a full house

With pergola building, your house is actually expanded. This gives you the chance to spend more time outdoors and inspires you to have friends over more than ever. You can have dinner parties, celebrations, birthdays, or some alone time without making a mess in the house and by enjoying the outdoors.

Why wood pergolas?

Because nothing compares with the beauty of natural wood. And it is only fair to say that no other material will blend nicer than wood with the natural environment. Wood is elegant, classy, and timeless. So, the value of the house will go up. Yes, it needs some maintenance. But with the right wood choice and staining, you will enjoy the wooden pergolas for years.

Why custom pergolas?

Because you get to choose the wood, the design, the size and style. And it will be unique. With a help of a professional pergola contractor, you can sketch the feature that you want tailored to your own landscape. There are hundreds of ideas out there, but your yard is one of a kind. It might have the same shape with the neighbor’s, but how you use it and take advantage of it is unique. A custom wood pergola will come to complete the scenery by adding a sense of hospitality, elegance, and warmth to the garden – not to mention personality. So, it’s definitely worth the while.