9 Outdoor Deck Ideas to Get You Inspired

pool deckThe outdoor decking is your summer living room. It must provide comfort, privacy, and room for long hours of relaxation. And so you need a tsunami of ideas to make a simple sketch on a piece of paper an inviting outdoor space. Now, there are a lot of things to consider before deck building. From permits to blueprints, there is a lot of fuss before you actually see the deck taking place in your backyard. But since it all starts with one single idea, let us give you plenty so that your deck will embrace all your needs.

1. Think Deck Curves & Layers

If you don’t like stairs, get layers. Wood decks can be made in multiple layers either to fit in sloppy terrains or just to make a statement. Layers add volume and create different spaces for each activity – dining, playing, reading etc. Curved lines are also possible and very elegant. The deck design can have a wavy shape to make the yard interesting and unique.

2. Change the Outdoor Deck Scenery

Add wood pergolas too. Decks & pergolas are mates. Slanted or not, pergolas provide shade and shelter and thus make the decking area more comfortable for most seasons and hours during the day. Today, the design options are endless. The roof might be beamed or solid.  You don’t necessarily have to stick to traditional styles but go for a pergola customized to suit your needs. To create a sense of uniformity and thus harmony, choose the same wood. If you prefer cedar decks, get cedar pergolas too.

3. Make Contrast with the Deck Railing

Deck railing systems are not necessarily made of wood too. Although the current wood deck railing designs are extraordinary, you can make contrast by adding cables or glass instead. If you like modern ideas but don’t want to strip the deck area from its traditional charm, install metal railing. If you insist on getting wood deck railing, make them really thick to serve as bars or benches too.

4. Spruce up Decks with Color

The eye relaxes in the sight of white but gets energy from blues, greens, and oranges. If you like the color of ipe decks, bring colors outdoors with accents – chairs, cushions, fabrics, flowers. You can always ask for white washed, gray, or green colored decks but if you like the natural charm of wood, invest in colorful objects.

5. Get the Right Deck Furniture

Decorate decks as you would for the living room. Take into account your habits and activities. If you never dine outdoors, you might not need a table. And then it’s a matter of space. Don’t swamp the deck with furniture just for the sake of it. Choose small-scale sofas and chairs if the deck is rather small.

6. Decorate with Flower Pots

With a green yard just a step away, the last thing you’ll think about is to add flower pots on the deck. But this is a brilliant way to decorate the seating area outdoors, make the space friendly, and enhance color.

7. Invest in Deck Lighting

Spend more hours outdoors with proper deck lighting. Lanterns are wonderful for ambient light. They have their way of making spaces inviting and romantic. But if you intend to read, install brighter lights too.

8. Create an Airy Feeling with Fabrics

Today, there are all-weather fabrics which are excellent for decks and pergolas. They can also serve as the sidings of your deck to enhance privacy or conceal the garden hose. Fabrics can become the outdoor treatments and hence create an airy feeling that is so soothing.

9. Add Deck Screens

Apart from adding a custom pergola, you can also add a screen to increase privacy or hide areas you don’t want to view when you are trying to relax. They can also serve as the base of your lights or the place to hang flower pots.

The sky is the limit when it comes to outdoor deck ideas. Get inspired today and choose based on your personal preferences and the requirements of your landscape.