Softwood Decks vs Hardwood Decks

Softwood Decks vs Hardwood DecksTime for an outdoor decking? You are likely wondering whether to get a deck made of softwood or hardwood. Since their qualities differ and hence, their performance, longevity, and maintenance needs differ too, this is a serious decision.

Keep in mind that choosing between softwood decking and hardwood decking is not about choosing the good over the bad. Both choices are excellent – it only depends on what you need, what you like, what you want, and what you expect. Read More

Advantages & Disadvantages of Pressure-Treated Decks

Advantages & Disadvantages of Pressure-Treated Decks

Pressure-treated decks are popular and this fact alone underlines the advantages of this type of wood. As is the case with all materials, pressure-treated wood has some downsides too. And since you are likely considering building a pressure-treated wood deck, you need the details that will shape your decision. Should we start?

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Best Garden Accessories and Ornaments

Deck comfortWooden decks, matching pergolas, a nice fence, and lots of trees and flowers make up a dream garden. Once you’ve got that, all you need is a chair or two to sit and enjoy the marvel of green, the changing seasons, and your own backyard. No one would disagree. Read More

Replace or Fix Decks?

deck constructionAn experienced deck builder will tell you this: deciding whether to fix or replace your wooden deck is not easy. That’s because not all decks are made of the same wood species. Then not all decks are in the same condition or have to tolerate the same climatic conditions. Plus, not all of them are 100 years old either. And don’t forget that decks are more than the boards you step on. If most components – of those you don’t see, are rotten, damaged, broken, or warped, it’s best to get a new deck even if you keep the boards nice and shiny. On the other hand, if just one post rots, it may be hard to replace it but there’s no need to replace the entire deck. Simply put, each case is different. Read More

Is Fixing an Old Wooden Pergola Worth It?

Wood deck railingLike with all things we often wonder whether to fix or toss, wooden pergolas put us in this dilemma too. There comes a time when we realize that we should have been more attentive to this gorgeous structure that decorates our backyard and now that it’s dirty, stained, or even sagging – clear evidence that it’s seen better days, we wonder whether to keep or toss it. Read More

Is Building a Wood Fence a Good Idea?

Wood Fence Wooden fences have been around for a long time. And there’s a good reason for that. In spite of the fence style and design, wood is an excellent choice among all other materials. It’s versatile, warm, practical, and elegant. If there’s already a wood deck or a wooden pergola in your backyard, a fence made of the same timber will come to complement the style and bring the home aesthetics to another level. Read More

Creating a Comfy Deck Environment

Deck comfortMaximizing your comfort in the backyard is all about making good use of your deck. Besides, the whole idea of deck building was to spend more time outdoors, right there at home. Who would do that if the environment is hostile and hardly comfortable? Read More

Deck Lighting – Making the Outdoor Environment Safe

patio coverBuilding decks is all about creating a splendid environment for outdoor activities and entertainment. And you certainly don’t want to do that in the dark. When it comes to choosing deck lighting, it’s not only about throwing a few fixtures here and there, randomly. It’s about creating the right environment for all activities. It’s also about feeling safe. It’s about increasing security too. Should we shed some light on how to make your outdoor decking a safe place? Read More

Hardwood Decking – Marvel in Your Backyard

deck constructionWords cannot really do justice to the breath-taking beauty of hardwood decks. The elegance of hardwoods is one of the elements that makes them some of the most sought-after timbers for deck construction, despite the high price. All the same, they deserve all the credits and are, definitely, worth the extra expense. Read More