Deck Railing Options and Design Ideas

Wood deck railing While we may spend a lot of time discussing whether to get a cedar or ipe deck, we pay little or no attention to the railing. But if you think about it, the deck railing system is the first thing your visitors see. Read More

How to Plan an Outdoor Deck Addition

outdoor deckA deck addition is a perfect way to increase value and give yourself plenty of good excuses for spending more time outdoors. Whether this is a simple structure or as intricate as an outdoor decking with stairs, a pool, and a pergola, it’s important to plan everything in great detail right from the start. Read More

How to Revive the Outdoor Wood Deck

clear coating deckBreathing new life into the old wood deck is the best thing you can do if you want to keep it for a long time and save money, too. Deck rejuvenation costs less than new deck building. And that’s a good reason for having the deck maintained, but not the only one. The wood deck construction is really durable and doesn’t break down easily.

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Decks and Other Outdoor Solutions for All Homes

Wood decks are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of outdoor solutions. And then, you start wondering how to increase your privacy when you are dining on the cedar deck and a cedar fence pops in mind. And then you are thinking about ways to protect your family from the rainfall and the idea of a wooden pergola doesn’t sound bad at all. Read More

Outdoor Decking Décor Ideas for All Seasons

Decking Décor IdeasSeasons come and go and your outdoor decking decoration choices will make them more memorable. Not all seasons have the same color! When you match the blue summer hues and the winter earthy tones with the deck décor, you create a luring environment without much effort. Read More

How to Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

deck-paintingThe warmer it gets, the more anxious you get to have the outdoor decking ready! Don’t you? It’s natural! If you don’t enjoy the deck when the weather is nice, what’s the purpose of investing in deck building! Naturally, some of you have limited time on your hands or are bored to bother with spring clean tasks. Read More

Deck Installation for Superb Backyard Transformation

Deck4Before you toss the number of the deck contractor near you, think of all the wonders a pro can do at your neglected backyard. You might not spend many hours outdoors but then again, a beautiful wood deck will create plenty of opportunities. Read More

Time to Spring Clean the Pergola & Avoid Risks

deck pressure washingWhatever hangs over your head and thus limits your ability for a quick inspection may become a threat. Your wooden pergola is not the exception. Did you install it over the outdoor decking or did you find it there when you bought the house? This makes a difference too. Read More

The Best Ways to Customize Outdoor Decks

Deck3The point of getting custom decks is to have the structure made to your own personal aesthetics and the requirements of your landscape. Your garden is special and so is your family’s expectations and your personal taste. Before you turn to a local deck contractor, you need to know basics like the location, the size, or the material. You also need to consider your lifestyle, Read More

Detached vs Attached Outdoor Decks

Deck4Who doesn’t love the idea of opening the sliding doors and exit to a beautiful wood deck? But having an attached outdoor decking is not always a great idea. That’s where the freestanding decks come to the rescue. But wait a minute! Aren’t freestanding decks the ones we see further away from the home structure? Read More