Wood Deck Rotting, the Enemy within

Cleaning the deckWood decks are beautiful but come with the risk of rotting. Does this imply that all wooden decks are going to rot one day? Not exactly, although the possibility is high. Read More

How to Expand the Backyard Living Space

deck contractorCreating your very own urban oasis with an unparalleled ambience right there in your backyard may not be a tiny project, but it’s totally worth it. That’s if you love the outdoors and love even more spending time out there with friends and family, alone or with a book as your only companion. Read More

Bring Summer Cheers to Your Deck

bring summer cheers to the deckWhile spring is the colorful season, we want to take all these cheerful greens, pinks, and yellows to our summer deck. After all, outdoor decks are used mostly in the summer. Read More

Deck Skirting Ideas

Pergolas_Builder_San_Jose_CAThe day you’ll meet with your local deck contractor is just around the corner and despite the excitement, there’s one thing worrying you. What about this eyesore empty space under the elevated wood deck? If it’s not too tall to use it or too short to ignore it, then what? Read More

Patio Cover vs Pergola

pergola tarpTo enjoy the outdoor decking area, you need some form of protection from the sun, the rain, the wind – the elements. Don’t you? Read More

Deck Lighting Ideas and Tips

Deck LightingCan it get more romantic than sharing moments with your better half on the ipe outdoor decking under the moonlight? But what if there’s no moon? How about the moments you want to cook, eat, read, engage in all sorts of activities that would require some form of lighting? Read More

How to Make Your Deck Winter Friendly

make your deck winter friendlyHaving invested in a beautiful cedar or ipe deck, some gorgeous garden furniture, even an outdoor kitchen, it is with a rather heavy heart that you close the sliding doors and get back inside for some living room cocooning when it gets a bit chilly. Read More