Autumn Maintenance Tips for Wood Decks

Autumn MaintenanceAdd wood deck maintenance to your autumn to-do list. This is a very busy period for most people and nobody is keen on cleaning the deck or fixing its problems when they are trying to catch up with work after the summer vacations or make sure the kids are settled in school. But then again, prevention goes a long way towards fewer deck headaches in the near future – let alone the expense. Before the weather gets ugly, take some measures to keep the outdoor decking looking good for all seasons.

Outdoor decking maintenance is best done in the autumn

There’s no denying that a durable ipe deck will survive the mild winter in Los Angeles. Autumn is usually the best time to take care of the wooden deck because things get rough during the winter. And so, it all depends on how heavy winters are in your location. Does that mean that your LA custom decks won’t need some pre-winter care? Don’t jump into conclusions. The weather in California might be nice but there’s also rainfall and thus humidity. And when it comes to wood & water, they don’t really match. Of course, deck construction is done for high resistance in the outdoors but that doesn’t mean a little care won’t help the material last longer. So, don’t think it over. You most likely spend time in the deck most months of the year and so you don’t have to move your garden furniture or bring the plants inside. But you need to take care of the deck and these are the best tips for the best autumn wood deck care.

  • Wash, Clean, & Observe Decks

Cleaning the deckCleaning the deck is the first step you should take in order to be able to remove all debris but also observe if there are any damaged parts you haven’t noticed until today. Depending on the age of the deck but also the quality of the wood and how often you take care of it, there might be some signs of fungus, mildew, rust, and stains. These are all enemies of wood and must be removed. This is not easy to do. And if you don’t know how to do it correctly or which products are more suitable for your wood, it’s best to call a deck company.

  • Fix, fix, fix

Stains, mildew and all these nasty contaminants that find shelter on your deck overtime must be removed. But any other problem with the deck must be fixed too. Take the deck railings for example. If they are loose, there might be an accident. Even if you spend some time out on the deck during the winter, you don’t do it as often as in the summer. And so, you cannot have absolute surveillance over the kids. If you notice any deck damage, the worse is about to come. Anything from splinters to protruding nails must be fixed. If you don’t know how to do repairs, it’ll be a piece of cake for a deck builder.

  • Stain or paint old decks

If the finish of your old cedar deck is a mess, it’s best to strip it and reapply a new finish. This is a must-do when there’s deck damage but might also be your choice to re-stain the surface just for aesthetic reasons.

  • Seal the outdoor deck properly

Outdoor decks last long when they are sealed correctly. If yours hasn’t been sealed lately, it’s time to roll up the sleeves or call a deck contractor. This is one more must-do in your list if you want the deck to resist the wet weather in LA.

  • Cover with a tarp if you don’t use it

If you hardly use the deck in the winter and all the above – aside the cleaning – are not necessary at the moment, you can simply cover the deck with a tarp to protect it from the colder days and rainfall.