Best Garden Accessories and Ornaments

Deck comfortWooden decks, matching pergolas, a nice fence, and lots of trees and flowers make up a dream garden. Once you’ve got that, all you need is a chair or two to sit and enjoy the marvel of green, the changing seasons, and your own backyard. No one would disagree.

But wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a statue in the middle of all this beauty with running water and green paths with decorative elements, lighting fixtures, and garlands? Decorative elements are not reserved for the interior only. If you already have the deck, the wooden pergola over it, and the garden, why not make it more inviting with some ornaments and accessories?

Keeping the garden ornaments natural

One way to keep the garden picturesque and not disturb its natural atmosphere is to use ornaments that blend in easily. This is done by using more greens in the green environment. Or, by using ornaments made of stone. Wood, stone, marble, and other materials are natural and so they match perfectly to any garden.

Since ornaments have only one role to play: decorate, the list of choices is big and may include anything from marble panels and cages to sculptures, clocks, stone mushrooms, marble urns and plinths, terracotta vases, wooden boxes, and more.

The ornaments may be positioned in all parts of the garden, depending on its layout and size. For example, a lion’s head with a spout may be placed close to the patio doors or the outdoor kitchen and truly serve as a small fountain or faucet. Two similar statues or plinths may stand at the start point of a pathway.

Garden accessories you cannot do without

Most garden accessories have some utility. If we exclude the fundamental pieces, like the wood deck, the pergola, the shed, and the fence, the next most important accessories are the garden furniture. Who doesn’t need at least one table – perhaps, side tables, chairs, and even a sofa in the garden? Anything you need to sit, eat, and enjoy in the backyard is a must-have garden accessory.

Garden accessories you could live without, but why should you?

Then again, there are some garden accessories you could live without but would also make your life more pleasant. So, why not get them? Some accessories may also have some utility; some may only serve to decorate or to please your eyes and soul. They are all worth getting. What could be some good examples of such garden accessories?

How about a garden hammock? How about a large or small wooden bench, which can also serve as a storage unit? How about getting new upholstery and cushions for your garden chairs? If the outdoor living space is sheltered, you may turn it into your summer retreat with accessories and ornaments that will make you happy – like mirrors, clocks, fabrics, blankets, fire pits, lanterns, baskets, and beanbags for outdoor cocooning.

One accessory may serve the other and all will decorate the garden

Take bamboo baskets, for example. They are beautiful, found in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and are exceptional decorative items. But they may also serve as storage units. You may put the cushions of the sofa and chairs in the baskets before you lock up at night so that a sudden wind won’t take them away. Such storage units, like baskets, benches, and boxes, will also keep the garden neat. Another example would be lanterns and lighting garlands. Not only do they decorate but also brighten up the space, create ambiance on the outdoor decking, and keep you safe when you walk the backyard paths.

Get small accessories and ornaments too, like galvanized or wooden trugs that could be used for garden tools or to carry cutlery for dinner.

Of course, you shouldn’t overdo it. Try to put a roof on the number of accessories and ornaments to avoid cluttering the garden or blocking its paths. Such decisions are mainly based on the garden’s size and your personal preferences, and the good news is that there are numerous ideas and countless items you can pick to make your garden your private paradise.