Bring Summer Cheers to Your Deck

bring summer cheers to the deckWhile spring is the colorful season, we want to take all these cheerful greens, pinks, and yellows to our summer deck. After all, outdoor decks are used mostly in the summer. Even if you don’t have a sea view, you can bring the sea blue to your backyard. Is this a pool deck? It doesn’t matter. What’s better than making the whole environment more joyful, energetic, attractive?

Yes, people’s taste varies. Some like textures, some like intricate patterns, some won’t change solid colors for anything in the world, but all people want one thing. To enjoy the hours they spend in their deck. And such moments become particularly joyful when everyone feels right at home. So, come along – bring your taste with you, and let us all see how to bring summer cheers to the deck.

Bring color to the deck

Even if you love solid colors, even if you like neutral colors, you want the deck colorful. Don’t forget that your beautiful cedar deck doesn’t need all colors in the rainbow to be cheerful. A few touches of yellow, green, whites, or even black will bring energy to this outdoor space. And one more thing. It is all the small items that bring color – the furniture, the cushions, the throw, the outdoor rug, but also nature itself. And that brings us to our next tip.

Bring flowers and plants on board

bring summer cheers to the deckNature is not as blooming in the summer as it is in the spring, but it is still very much alive. Take care of the trees all around the wood deck to create beautiful surroundings and eliminate sweeping a lot during the summer. If you’ve got some potted flowers and plants, bring them on board. Put some on the dining table or side tables to create colorful corners. Add some pots with herbs too, especially if you have an outdoor kitchen.

Create new cozy deck corners

bring summer cheers to the deckIs this a big ipe deck? A deck that goes all around the house? A multi-leveled deck? If you can, create cozy corners or spots for different activities – dining, playing games, reading, entertaining friends. Yes, you need some serious space to do all that. But even if you lack the space, you can create a small dining and seating area. Make it comfortable for all family members; friends too.

Frame your deck with a pergola

A custom pergola will go a long way. It won’t only provide the shelter you need when you spend time on the deck but will protect the deck material too. It will also frame this area, letting it pop. It will complement the decking area while pergolas can be used to create character outdoors and change the looks. How? By using its roof planks and pillars to hang flower pots, lace fabric, create fake walls with drapes, etc.

Add an outdoor kitchen under the pergola

Most decks have a small or big dining area. How about if you could add an outdoor kitchen as well? Right there, under the wooden pergola. It’ll be a marvel. You can mix & match the materials – always natural, wooden decks and pergolas, stone, brick – whatever you like. With just one move, you’ll have a very comfortable decking area – truly, everything you need to spend the whole summer outdoors.

Give a fresh look by painting the deck

One of the very first things one must do to refresh the outdoor decking is clean and maybe, stain it. But if your deck is rather old, the color has faded, and you are simply tired of the same style, you should paint it. Today, there are numerous ideas and ways of painting decks. Whether you like the solid look or prefer a white washed and weathered appearance, you can create the exact space you adore.

Change the environment with new deck furniture

How old is your deck furniture? How about getting some new pieces? Even if you don’t need a new sofa, get a new chair. Even if you don’t need a new chair, get new cushions. That’s an easy and inexpensive way to refresh the looks of your outdoor space and bring new colors to your summer life. How about it?