Deck Safety Concerns & Tips

Decking_ExtendnewYou might spend a lot of time outdoors or you may not. But your outdoor decking is there year-round. It is attacked by the elements, tolerates foot traffic, puts up with the weight of the furniture, and is hardly protected. Depending on the deck construction and material, it might serve you for 15 or 20 years or maybe more before it screams for some repairs. But it wouldn’t hurt if you had it checked every spring. It’s all about your safety. And here we’ll explore the deck safety concerns and will also offer a few tips on how to avoid tears. Read More

Deck vs Patio: the Conflict of the Outdoor Titans

deckVSpatioWe often talk about decks and patios and actually mean the outdoor space, where we sit, eat, and relax. And it’s true. They are both outdoor structures that turn our landscape into a living place where you can entertain friends, grill, read, or simply enjoy the stars & the moon. That’s their similarity. But an outdoor decking is a completely different structure from a patio and installed for entirely different purposes, which have to do with your budget, terrain, and personal needs. So let’s define them, check their pros and cons, and see whether a stone patio or a wood deck will be the best option for your garden.

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Decks & Pergolas: Ways to Transform Small Backyards

deck in small yardFitting wooden decks in tiny yards might initially sound like a challenging task but it’s not. Similar outdoor wood structures will actually transform indifferent backyards into tiny oases and give you plenty of good reasons for spending more time under the stars. Let me make a brief pause here to point out that small backyard transformations are a hard feat. But that’s the reason why wood decks & pergolas will play a significant role in making this project so much easier.

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The Best Ways to Renew the Look of Your Deck

Your old wood deck needs some care to regain its beauty lost somewhere between constant exposure to the sun and heavy rainfall. Which outdoor decking doesn’t endure years of weather and traffic abuse? Even if you own a rot resistant cedar deck, its beautiful color will still fade away after years lying under the sun. Read More

9 Outdoor Deck Ideas to Get You Inspired

pool deckThe outdoor decking is your summer living room. It must provide comfort, privacy, and room for long hours of relaxation. And so you need a tsunami of ideas to make a simple sketch on a piece of paper an inviting outdoor space. Now, there are a lot of things to consider before deck building. From permits to blueprints, there is a lot of fuss before you actually see the deck taking place in your backyard. But since it all starts with one single idea, let us give you plenty so that your deck will embrace all your needs.

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Wood Decks: Weathered Looks for Elegant Gardens

Who doesn’t love the reddish tones of ipe outdoor decking! But some folks would prefer its silver-gray looks as it ages. That’s weathering! To be more exact, this is natural weathering. And it’s the alternative exterior design solution nowadays.

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Decks, Pergolas, and Fences (The Trio for Landscapes that Rock)

Deck-PergulaEveryone is talking about creating a backyard oasis, but somehow something is always missing. You might have the outdoor decking but not the right fence to protect you from indiscreet eyes. You might own some garden furniture but where you will put it if you are missing the deck! The vicious circle ends here. Why should we be the guys listening to others making backyard getaway plans? It’s time to join the club and create a landscape that will rock. And this is how.

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Deck Maintenance Tips: The Benefits of Power Washing

Power-WashingAllow us to start with a generic statement: power washing is one of the best wood deck maintenance tasks. (And here comes the big BUT…) But it depends on how it’s done. And then again, it’s the question of whether or not power washing is the cure of all deck problems! Before we get started, let us define what power washing is and what the difference with pressure washing is.

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What’s the Best Color for Your Outdoor Decking?

Deck colorWhen we talk about outdoor decking, we usually picture wood tones. But this is not the only option. Although such natural hues blend wonderfully in the environment, you can make the sitting area of your backyard a lot more vibrant by using different colors. Should you choose colors at random? No. Just like you pay attention to the interior style of your home, you should be equally careful with the exterior design. How to choose the best color for your wooden deck? Test and then test again.

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Inspiring Wood Deck Makeovers to Improve Your Landscape

Custom DeckWhen you first approach deck companies, you most likely dream of beautiful outdoor environments that will help you relax. And that’s exactly what you get with custom decks. From one day to the next, you stop dreaming about decks and live the dream. But it’s often hard to imagine the whole picture of the full landscape transformation right from the start. It’s often helpful to get your ipe custom decks and then see what else you can do to spruce up the backyard. Or you might be on a tight budget and prefer to leave extra add-ons for later on. If this time has come for you, check out these makeovers and see your landscape looks improve with only a few moves.

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