Best Garden Accessories and Ornaments

Deck comfortWooden decks, matching pergolas, a nice fence, and lots of trees and flowers make up a dream garden. Once you’ve got that, all you need is a chair or two to sit and enjoy the marvel of green, the changing seasons, and your own backyard. No one would disagree. Read More

How to Make Your Deck Winter Friendly

make your deck winter friendlyHaving invested in a beautiful cedar or ipe deck, some gorgeous garden furniture, even an outdoor kitchen, it is with a rather heavy heart that you close the sliding doors and get back inside for some living room cocooning when it gets a bit chilly. Read More

Decks & Pergolas: Ways to Transform Small Backyards

deck in small yardFitting wooden decks in tiny yards might initially sound like a challenging task but it’s not. Similar outdoor wood structures will actually transform indifferent backyards into tiny oases and give you plenty of good reasons for spending more time under the stars. Let me make a brief pause here to point out that small backyard transformations are a hard feat. But that’s the reason why wood decks & pergolas will play a significant role in making this project so much easier.

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Decks, Pergolas, and Fences (The Trio for Landscapes that Rock)

Deck-PergulaEveryone is talking about creating a backyard oasis, but somehow something is always missing. You might have the outdoor decking but not the right fence to protect you from indiscreet eyes. You might own some garden furniture but where you will put it if you are missing the deck! The vicious circle ends here. Why should we be the guys listening to others making backyard getaway plans? It’s time to join the club and create a landscape that will rock. And this is how.

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Inspiring Wood Deck Makeovers to Improve Your Landscape

Custom DeckWhen you first approach deck companies, you most likely dream of beautiful outdoor environments that will help you relax. And that’s exactly what you get with custom decks. From one day to the next, you stop dreaming about decks and live the dream. But it’s often hard to imagine the whole picture of the full landscape transformation right from the start. It’s often helpful to get your ipe custom decks and then see what else you can do to spruce up the backyard. Or you might be on a tight budget and prefer to leave extra add-ons for later on. If this time has come for you, check out these makeovers and see your landscape looks improve with only a few moves.

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The Best Wood Awning Options for Your Home Deck

Traditionally, an awning is a fabric which stretches and often retracts over a metal structure for the purpose of providing shade to a building. You can get a freestanding, drop down, fixed, or retractable awning or just use an umbrella. But when it comes to accentuating the wooden deck, nothing compares with wood awning choices.

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What You Should Consider before Pool Deck Building

The reason for having a pool in the yard is to enjoy the hot summer days with the family and friends. So the surroundings should not only be attractive but also safe. Here’s where the right pool deck will make a difference. Although the term ‘pool deck’ may refer to all materials that can be used to cover the surface around the pool – from stones to brick – decks are mainly made of wood – natural or composite.

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Choosing The Right Awning

awning1Are you new to the awning market? Do you need help choosing the right awning? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The goal of this article is to help inform you on the right awning for your home. Choosing the right awning isn’t just about looking at one and thinking, “I want that one!”.

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LA Outdoor Living Space Options

What is an out living space? Well, outdoor living spaces are usually a deck or patio that is used as an extension of your house for a variety of reasons. Some people use outdoor living spaces as an extra outdoor kitchen. They have barbecues and grill out there, but can also have a stove hooked up for more traditional cooking. Some people use outdoor living spaces as an extra outdoor living room or den. This article will go over the many LA outdoor living space options and help you decide what you want for your home.

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