How to Make Your Deck Winter Friendly

make your deck winter friendlyHaving invested in a beautiful cedar or ipe deck, some gorgeous garden furniture, even an outdoor kitchen, it is with a rather heavy heart that you close the sliding doors and get back inside for some living room cocooning when it gets a bit chilly. Read More

Pros and Cons of Tarps on Pergolas

pergola tarpWhile wooden pergolas provide some protection from the elements, the open latticework will still let the sunrays and rain go through. And here is where tarps step in to save the situation and allow you to enjoy the outdoors, heat or rain. Read More

Decks & Pergolas: Ways to Transform Small Backyards

deck in small yardFitting wooden decks in tiny yards might initially sound like a challenging task but it’s not. Similar outdoor wood structures will actually transform indifferent backyards into tiny oases and give you plenty of good reasons for spending more time under the stars. Let me make a brief pause here to point out that small backyard transformations are a hard feat. But that’s the reason why wood decks & pergolas will play a significant role in making this project so much easier.

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Decks, Pergolas, and Fences (The Trio for Landscapes that Rock)

Deck-PergulaEveryone is talking about creating a backyard oasis, but somehow something is always missing. You might have the outdoor decking but not the right fence to protect you from indiscreet eyes. You might own some garden furniture but where you will put it if you are missing the deck! The vicious circle ends here. Why should we be the guys listening to others making backyard getaway plans? It’s time to join the club and create a landscape that will rock. And this is how.

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The Best Wood Options for Pergola Building

Pergolas_BuilderWood pergolas are not just the extension of your kitchen or living room. They also feature over wooden gates. They can be simple, rustic, modern or sleek and are often paired with outdoor decking. So there is lots of wood in one place and the objective is to match species and colors and be sure of their longevity. So when it comes to choosing wood for your custom pergola, it’s hardly an easy decision.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Experienced Pergola Builders

PergolaThe simplest pergola constructions would have posts and some beams serving as the roofing. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? In theory, building and installing a pergola seems easy. But what about the real thing? When it comes to pergolas building, you need to have all the right tools. Once you design what you want, you also need to get the material. Then it will be the time to construct the structure before you install it. And nothing is easy with such tasks. You don’t just throw a nail here and a nail there. You need a good layout of how you are going to tie wood together and great experience in order to make the posts of pergolas steady and thus the construction safe.

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3 Excellent Reasons for Wood Pergolas

Home improvement enthusiasts, who appreciate the merits of backyards, can hardly resist the idea of custom pergolas. A well-designed and properly built and installed pergola becomes the natural extension of the home. It’s like the human arms. With it, the probabilities of doing more things outdoors are increased. A landscape without the right features looks empty and is hardly used. It’s like a cone without the ice-cream. And although its charming appeal is the main reason for ordering a pergola, there is so much more to it. Here it is:

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