Creating a Comfy Deck Environment

Deck comfortMaximizing your comfort in the backyard is all about making good use of your deck. Besides, the whole idea of deck building was to spend more time outdoors, right there at home. Who would do that if the environment is hostile and hardly comfortable?

With that said, we need to point out one vital detail. Finding the best ways to make your deck comfy comes naturally when you use it. It’s like when you move to a new home or remodel the kitchen. At first, you are not sure if this and that will better be placed there or there. You need to experience everyday living to see how things work best for you. Same thing in the backyard. You need to spend some time in the deck and see what you usually do there to see how to make it more comfortable for your own habits.

Deck comfort is defined by many parameters

Before we jump into the bucket of wonderful ideas of how to make your deck environment particularly comfortable, let’s explore something different – but relevant.

Comfort is often associated with the size of things – the deck’s size, in this case. The larger the deck, the more space you have and the more comfortable you feel.

Then, your comfort has to do with the deck’s shape and the overall deck construction. If this is a multi-leveled deck, you don’t want the dining area placed at the lower level away from your kitchen – unless you have an outdoor kitchen right beside it.

It’s good to take such things into account when you are thinking of deck comfort. And particularly if you are considering building a deck now and want to create the grounds from the start for a comfortable outdoor experience.

With all that out of our way, we can now focus on what you can do to make your deck environment comfy. To make your life easier – when you are trying to pick deck decoration ideas, let us just say that the wise way to approach all that is to consider the things that help you feel comfortable.

A comfortable deck seating area

Comfy Deck EnvironmentOne thing everybody does on a deck is sit down to relax, have a cup of coffee, get a snack, chat on the phone, read a book. And so, you don’t only need a seating area but also comfortable seats – perhaps, an outdoor sofa and bean bag poufs. Also, consider the side tables or coffee tables you may need to place a dish, a book, a glass – be sure to get the right height depending on your chairs.

Outdoor dining without much back & forth

Since you likely want to eat on the deck, create a dining area. This spot should be right outside your indoor kitchen so that you won’t have to cover big distances to get this or that. Now, if you can afford it, you could create an outdoor kitchen area – a fully equipped kitchen or an outdoor bar to further minimize any back and forth to the interior kitchen.

A pergola will provide some shelter

If your deck is not covered, you may want to consider a matching wooden pergola that will not only make a great aesthetic difference but will also offer shelter.

Some privacy will help you relax

A pergola in combination with some side curtains or shades will play a double role in your comfort. First, they will protect from the sun, the wind, and all elements. Second, they will provide privacy, especially at moments when you don’t want to be bothered by anyone – not even your favorite neighbor.

Deck lighting is necessary

Never underestimate the value of good deck lighting for your comfort. Even if we are talking about accent lights, which are meant to create ambiance, they will make a difference. But if there’s a backyard kitchen or bar and a dining table, you need some task lights too.

Deck style is good for your peace of mind

Create an outdoor cave for you – just the way you like it. Create corners, declutter, play in one color scheme for consistency, use some accents to brighten up the outdoor space – find your style outdoors. It’s good for the soul – and this is where your comfort begins.