Deck Lighting – Making the Outdoor Environment Safe

patio coverBuilding decks is all about creating a splendid environment for outdoor activities and entertainment. And you certainly don’t want to do that in the dark. When it comes to choosing deck lighting, it’s not only about throwing a few fixtures here and there, randomly. It’s about creating the right environment for all activities. It’s also about feeling safe. It’s about increasing security too. Should we shed some light on how to make your outdoor decking a safe place?

Best deck spots to place lighting

Since not all deck shapes and sizes are the same, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact spots where you can place lighting fixtures. The sure thing is that you want task lighting over the outdoor kitchen or bar, the dining table, the seating area. Of course, not all activities call for bright light. And so, you should also consider accent lighting depending on the ambiance you like when you eat or enjoy a glass of wine. Warm lights are quite popular for such spots but you should consider your personal habits. For example, if you like to read out in the deck, you will need some bright lights.

The strategic points to install deck lights are not limited over and close to the seating and dining areas but also expand to the stairs. Who doesn’t want well-lit stairs when they go up and down the deck at night? If there’s a railing system, you may want to consider lights on the posts. Is this a pool deck? You will certainly need lights around the pool – recessed lights are the best to mark the boundaries for absolute safety.

If there are two or more areas in your home covered with a deck and are connected with pathways, you need to illuminate these walkways too. You can always use path lighting or strings – depending on the distance and what you like.

Since lights keep you out of the dark and they don’t only make the space safe but also secure, remember to place some fixtures around the garden and across the fence – always based on the landscape’s size.

How to choose outdoor lighting for extra safety

deck lightingWhen we talk about deck lighting in association with safety, our minds go straight to accidents. The whole effort is to have good lighting so that you won’t stumble and fall. But there’s one more way to consider deck lighting and safety. And this is by making sure the lights you choose are suitable for outdoor use. And they are installed correctly. Here are a few things to have in mind when you buy deck lights.

  • You must get outdoor-rated lighting fixtures. Even if the lights are placed under a cover, they must be rated to resist humidity and dampness. They should be weatherproof and suitable for wet areas, especially if there’s no cover over them.
  • Choose outdoor-rated bulbs too. And get the bulb the lighting fixture suggests in terms of wattage. If the fixture says max 60W, stick to that to avoid unnecessary problems.
  • Make sure the lighting fixtures are installed correctly by a professional and keep away flammables.
  • Anything related to your deck lighting must be rated for outdoor use – from the receptacles to cords.

Ways to create a nice outdoor ambiance with deck lighting

While the design of the lighting fixture will give the aesthetic tone of the deck style overall, it is the color of the bulb’s light that will define the ambiance. There are cold and warm colors these days. For the outdoor decking, warm colors are preferable. Cool colors are closer to blue and not very good for you or nature. Prefer LEDs and if they are dimmable, even better since you will have the chance to define the brightness you want at any given moment – depending on what you are doing. Plus, LEDs last longer. Of course, there’s also the solution of the lanterns – at least as an additional lighting source that will make a very beautiful ambiance. And they will make your life easy since they are portable.