Deck Skirting Ideas

Pergolas_Builder_San_Jose_CAThe day you’ll meet with your local deck contractor is just around the corner and despite the excitement, there’s one thing worrying you. What about this eyesore empty space under the elevated wood deck? If it’s not too tall to use it or too short to ignore it, then what?

While you so crave to focus on the deck construction and design, paying attention to the deck skirting is equally important.

Why? Decks sit on a frame and thus, there’s a gap underneath them. That’s important for their good ventilation and the avoidance of mold build-up. Some decks are built tall; they are elevated and the distance from the ground ranges from small to big. This void under the deck is often big enough to be used as a storage area or even a whole storage room. And here’s where the deck skirting comes to transform an otherwise awkward gap into an elegant element of the landscape.

This is actually the definition of what is deck skirting! It’s the deck’s skirt. It’s the material used to dress the perimeter of this empty nest under the deck and thus, create style and offer protection. Should we see the most prevailing deck skirting ideas & choices?

Wood deck skirting is king

If you plan to get a wooden deck, prefer a wooden skirting as well. It’s good to match the materials. So, if you get a cedar or ipe outdoor decking, tell the contractor to make the skirting of the same material. It won’t stand out, while it will create a feeling of charm. That’s if you like wood. If not, there are other alternatives.

Use brick, concrete or other materials

Chances are high you want to build a regular wall to completely cover the gap under the deck and for that, you can use materials, like stone, brick, concrete, etc. You can actually use any building material you like but it’s best to get a match with your home’s exterior.

Composite deck skirting is resistant

composite-deckingIt’s likely you’ll get a composite deck. This material can be used for the construction of deck skirting as well. This is a great idea – not only to match the composite outdoor decking, but also to make the skirting extremely resistant to literally everything – rotting, warping, scratching, etc.

Place plants around the floating deck

If this is a floating deck that is only a tad raised from the ground, you can skip skirting it with building materials and just put plants in a row. When the gap is narrow, there’s not an utter need to completely obscure it. The plants and bed flowers will be easy to move – if needed, act as a deck railing system – so to say, and will make this spot particularly elegant.

Find your deck skirting style

To make the deck skirting part of the whole and don’t let it stick out, it’s best to choose the right material but also style based on your home. There are solutions for all home styles and tastes. Let us give you an idea.

  • Lattice deck skirting designs are very popular. Such designs are beautiful and practical since they let the space under the deck breathe.
  • Horizontal or vertical slats are also very practical – as long as there’s a gap between them. Choose the same wood species as your deck to give a consistent appearance. Such deck skirting options are very modern, classic too.
  • Want to get even more artistic? Use ornate metal panels separated by thick wood beams. When it comes to such creative deck skirting ideas, the sky is the limit. And such ornamental designs look beautiful, especially when the gap under the deck is rather big.
Place a door to elevated decks

High decks or even those that are raised only 2 feet off the ground can be used as storage rooms/spaces. Put a door to store even small items and declutter the backyard. Of course, if the height allows you to walk under the deck, it’s the best opportunity to have the home storage room you always longed for. And so, a door is necessary to provide you access and won’t stand out since it can be made of the same material as the rest of the skirting.

You can take advantage of the space under the deck and beautify its perimeter with a charming skirting – thus, kill two birds with one stone. Isn’t it lovely?