How to Expand the Backyard Living Space

deck contractorCreating your very own urban oasis with an unparalleled ambience right there in your backyard may not be a tiny project, but it’s totally worth it. That’s if you love the outdoors and love even more spending time out there with friends and family, alone or with a book as your only companion.

Expanding the indoor environment outdoors is the first step. That’s by creating an outdoor area with a beautiful cedar deck and some gorgeous pieces of garden furniture to make your backyard living safe, cozy, comfortable. But you know what? There are ways to expand this same backyard living space even more. There are ways to make it even cozier, much more convenient and comfier, and so, expand along the hours you spend outdoors. Want to see?

Expand the outdoor decking

Chances are high that when you first searched for a deck contractor, you were a bit hesitant. Or short on budget. This is often the case with people who first invest in a deck and cannot afford it or don’t know whether or not will stay in this house for long. Well, one of the ways to expand the backyard living space is to expand the existing deck.

Of course, if there’s no deck, that’s where to start off. Getting a cedar or ipe deck – whatever you like, is like getting the basis – the floor of your outdoor space, where you will feel safer and comfier than if it was just grass. And warmer than concrete.

If you decide to stay in this home, you may also decide to invest in the landscape. Or build a pool. Or take advantage of the land’s inclination and create a multi-level deck.

Create a central seating area – peripheral spots too

multi-level deckHaving one central seating area is a good thing. It’s like the home’s living room. You know where you are heading when you step outside. This may be the area, where you keep all the essentials – an outdoor kitchen, a firepit, the dining table, the chairs.

All the same, peripheral spots could also serve as seating areas, creating – this way, new activity spaces. Or giving you and your family the chance to have your own corners, while also a central area, where you can meet.

Add an outdoor kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen is always a very good idea. It doesn’t only become the focal point of the central seating area, but also a convenient way of spending time outdoors. No more going back and forth inside the house to get snacks and prep dinner. Everything you need will be right in front of you. That’s an excellent way of not only expanding the living space in real terms but as an idea – psychologically, too.

Place an outdoor fireplace

A source of heat is always welcome, even in the warm climates. An outdoor firepit or fireplace will make a difference in the chilly nights – or days. It also creates ambience. Once again, the living space is expanded in the sense that you can prolong the hours you can spend outdoors.

Provide shelter for the deck

PergolaOne more thing you can do to protect yourself and all things you keep outdoors from the elements is to build a wooden pergola, right over the deck. It will also protect the deck. It will allow you to spend more hours outside, even if it’s raining.

Put benches and stools here and there

Take advantage of the whole yard, especially if it’s big. But don’t overcrowd it. One easy way to create some seating spots here and there is to place some stools and/or benches. A great way to speak on the phone in some privacy, break away from family for a while, or just enjoy the rest of your landscape.

Brighten up the whole yard

While you do all the things you like to expand the backyard’s living space and create a beautiful environment, comfortable for your family, remember the importance of good lighting. And not only where the deck or the kitchen is but throughout the yard. It’s the way to feel safer too.