How to Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

deck-paintingThe warmer it gets, the more anxious you get to have the outdoor decking ready! Don’t you? It’s natural! If you don’t enjoy the deck when the weather is nice, what’s the purpose of investing in deck building! Naturally, some of you have limited time on your hands or are bored to bother with spring clean tasks. But let us kindly remind you that a few hours of your time each year will prolong the lifespan of your deck and will help you lie under the sun or moon all spring & summer without any worries in your head. So, here we go. These are the things you need to do to get the deck ready for the season.

Check your outdoor deck

Take a walk on the wild side of your deck. The wilder, the better. Literally. Parts of your deck covered with bushes that haven’t been trimmed for months might need some extra care. As an overall, you need to check for protruding nails, make sure the railing system is okay, take a look at the stairs, and see if anything needs fixing. A good inspection will give you an idea if any repairs are needed. In this case, it’s best to call a deck contractor.

Get deck repairs done

Deck problems might cause safety concerns. Get in touch with a deck company if there are rotten parts, broken boards, loose railings, and similar problems. If there is a wooden pergola over the deck, check it too. You don’t want dangers over your head. The good news is that if you take care of your deck year after year, there’ll hardly be any major problem unless the winter was very bad. Don’t forget that the condition of the deck also depends on the quality and resistance of the wood you choose in the first place while some decks need sealing from time to time. If this is the year for such maintenance, it’d be better if you left the job to a deck builder. Not all woods need the same maintenance.

Wash the deck

When all repairs are done, it’s time to wash up the dirt and create a freshpower wash-deck environment. Remember that wood doesn’t get along with water well. Prefer to wash the deck in a sunny day so that it will dry faster and avoid pressure washing unless you are sure it’s okay for your wooden deck. It’s imperative to clean the deck not only to create a beautiful environment but remove elements that might stick on the surface making it slippery and thus not safe. Pay special attention around the stairs and close to the railing.

Take care of the landscape

Don’t forget that the deck stands amidst the landscape. You need to take care of that too. If not, the tree leaves will fall onto the deck making it dirty once again while the aesthetics will diminish with the lawn not treated for weeds and not mowed.

Decorate your deck

Once the fasteners are fixed, the sealants are checked for their effectiveness, and the deck is clean, it’s time to decorate the space with your garden furniture and colorful fabrics. It won’t be long before you relax in such a marvelous environment.