How to Make Decks Comfortable

Comfortable deckWhen you spend money on building a deck, you also expect to spend enough time outdoors not just to compensate for the expense but also to enjoy the environment. But this is not always the case. Some homeowners have spent a lot of money to build a cedar or ipe deck and then hardly spend any time in it. That often happens when the outdoor decking is not comfortable enough to keep you returning every chance you get.

Which are the things that make decks uncomfortable? When some things are missing. Proper furnishing, protection against winds and elements, good lighting, enhanced privacy, and your favorite items. You’ll find that when you become creative and transform your deck into your own home paradise, your living room sofa will really miss you.

Enhance privacy

Build a fence and add curtains. A wooden fence won’t only be a great match for the wooden deck but also a great way to keep the noisy neighbors in a distance. Also, both the fence and the curtains will cut the wind and protect you from the sun and all elements, creating a comfy environment for you.

Build a pergola

A wooden pergola is also a way to protect the deck, get enough shadow in the summer, and a great shelter in the fall and winter. The good news is that you can get custom pergolas and so match the deck wood and style to create a cohesive, protected, and beautiful outdoor environment.

Get comfy chairs

One of the things that will make you run straight into the arms of your sofa in the living room is the absence of good chairs in the deck. Don’t forget that this is the place where you go to relax, read a book, enjoy a snack, chat with a friend, etc. Who can sit on a stiff chair for long? How long will you last on a chair too deep to let you put your feet on the ground? Choose the deck furniture with caution and always based on your outdoor activities. If you plan to get a dining table, you need dinning chairs. If you plan to relax in an outdoor living room, get outdoor sofas.

Place plants

Decking Décor IdeasGet colorful plants, even if you have flower beds around or trees in the yard. There’s no better environment for most plants than the deck, while they make some of the best decorations.

Add items you love

The deck decoration should have your signature. You can fish ideas from here and there, but at the end of the day it will be you that should be happy with the décor. It’s the same thing like when you first approached a deck builder and didn’t know which design to order. Although your landscape and its peculiarities (size, direction, etc.) determine what kind of a deck you need, there are countless deck design choices. The same thing with the decoration. Get items that you love to make it beautiful for your eyes only. And such items won’t only play a decorative role, but will also enhance your comfort. Stuff like soft blankets, cushions, hammocks, a fireplace, and a fan will make the deck cozier.

Brighten up the outdoor

Having good outdoor lighting is of the essence. And today, you can find solar lighting options – apart from the conventional electric ones. The important thing here is to place the deck lighting strategically and also to choose lights depending on the usual family activities. For example, if you read a lot, you need the right light. If you have a cedar deck with stairs, it’s vital that you place lights on the stairs too. Not only do lights create the right environment for any activity, but also let you relax without worrying about your safety.

Don’t overcrowd the space

Choose furniture and items based on the deck’s size and shape. The last thing you want to do is to fill the space with all sorts of chairs, pillow, plants, and tables to the point that you won’t be able to walk with ease. Let the space breathe. And organize the furniture in relation to the indoors. For instance, the dining table should be closer to the kitchen. The size of the furniture should be chosen based on the size of the deck. Don’t get huge chairs if the deck is small. The whole idea is to create an outdoor room comfortable enough to keep you out when your neighbors go in.