How to Make the Wood Deck More Functional

trex-deckingOne of the benefits of custom decks is that they leave your options open. Backyards have their differences in terms of size, slopes, design, and style. But the most important aspect of deck building is functionality. Aesthetics come next. Although equally significant, deck decorating ideas are relatively easy to implement and change. Though, if the deck area is not functional, it will make your days spent outdoors a tad difficult. So planning well and in accordance with your needs is essential. Here are some main ideas that will help you maintain function without losing form.


Choose Deck Furniture that Will Make You the Best Host

Your outdoor decking is meant to be the focal point of your summer nights and days. It will host your family and friends and so the set up must be convenient. Before you select furniture, think of the deck’s size and your habits. If you are a big family and like to dine outdoors with friends too, get a large dining table. If you rather cuddle in an outdoor sofa, it’s best to invest in cozy furniture for the seating area.

Get Lights that will Make Outdoor Decks Inviting and Safe

Sitting on the wooden deck under a full moon is very romantic. But not all nights are the same and neither are your activities. You need ambient light in order to dine in a pleasant environment. But what if you want to read or get down to the lower level of your deck? Get plenty of lighting even if you don’t use it often. And don’t forget about deck stairway lighting. It will provide greater safety.

Invest in Custom Pergolas, Benches, and Screens

Part of your outdoor comfort is your ability to move around and do thingsDeck-Pergula without worrying about your privacy, the weather or anyone’s safety. So invest in custom pergolas too. If you worry about the weather, get a pergola with a closed or opening/closing roof. Get built-in benches that will create cozy corners. Increase privacy with screens. Install deck railing and don’t forget about the stair handrails.

Define the Activity Areas on the Deck

Whether or not you have a multi-layered wood deck, define the areas of activities. This way, the kids won’t give you a headache with their games when you are trying to dine with friends. If you like to chat on the phone, you won’t bother your children who try to do their homework outdoors. Place the dining area in a distance from the playing and seating area to create visual areas, clean lines, and peace of mind.

Let Stairs Serve as Seating Areas

Custom DeckIt’s nice to have cozy seating areas in different parts on the deck. They provide convenience when you throw big parties and allow you to recharge your batteries in different parts of the yard. How to achieve that? For starters, use the stairs. Instead of investing in small and narrow ones, make them extra wide. You will have the room to throw colorful pillows and voila, an extra seating area will be created. An alternative would be the deck railing. If you don’t actually need one due to the low height of the deck, build a bench all around to create seats.

Select Low-Maintenance Wood Decks

Low-maintenance cedar or ipe outdoor decking will enhance functionality. The point is to have a deck that won’t need treatment year after year but only once in a few years. So talk to your deck contractor about wood types and invest in timber types that won’t need care often.

Facilitate Traffic with Custom Deck Designs

Who wants to prep food and then carry trays a mile away? You want everything in close range to make traffic easy between the indoors and outdoors. So if your kitchen has a view at the backyard, extend the deck all the way in front of your busiest home room and place the table right after the glass sliding door. Remember to leave plenty of room between the functional areas for easy traffic flow.

Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen

If the deck is not close to the kitchen or is placed around the pool, get an outdoor kitchen. Place the table right next to it and enjoy barbeque with friends without having to move back and forth.

The deck is supposed to be the place where you relax not the source of extra chores. So make it functional and enjoy every minute of the summer under the fool or new moon.