How to Revive the Outdoor Wood Deck

clear coating deckBreathing new life into the old wood deck is the best thing you can do if you want to keep it for a long time and save money, too. Deck rejuvenation costs less than new deck building. And that’s a good reason for having the deck maintained, but not the only one. The wood deck construction is really durable and doesn’t break down easily.

The damage done by the UV rays, the furniture, moisture, and all elements is superficial. Now, the secret to keeping your wood deck for years is to keep damage superficial. If there’s no maintenance at all over the years, even a strong and resistant ipe deck will lose its edge.

Ask a deck contractor about the requirements of your wood

Outdoor decking is made of different wood species. And so, the wood used for the deck construction as well as the conditions and climate of the location determine the frequency of maintenance. Overall, it’s good to have the deck checked and maintained every five years or when you first see some damage, mildew, or stains.

How long will it take to have the wood deck revived?

For an average size deck with no extensive damage, the job shouldn’t take more than two days. It’s best to have a deck contractor come and check yours. If you like to have the deck stained, it’s best to split the tasks among two weekends – so that the protective layer will dry well.

Should you assign the task to a deck company or not?

Deck companies do not only build, but also fix and tune-up decks. This simply means that they have the experience (you don’t) not only to complete the job faster and better, but also to distinguish and fix problems you might miss. If your wood deck has turned grey, some parts are covered with mildew, or the railing system is old, it’s best to turn to a pro.

The usual steps to revive wood decks

Deck inspection

Pressure treated decks are treated to resist rot. Ipe and cedar decks are veryDeck inspection strong and if treated, they will be extra resistant too. But wood is wood. If the deck stays wet for extensive periods of times, rotting is not avoidable. And that’s not all. It’s important that the deck is checked well from head to toe in case there’s a problem with the railing, the stairs, some wood boards, some decking nails, etc. Naturally, problems should be fixed. Who likes a splinter on their hand?

Deck washing

Cleaning the deck is a must whether you plan a full tune-up or want to prepare the outdoors for the upcoming hot season. For that, you will need plenty of water and a stiff broom. If there are stains or your deck needs a good wash to revive, you can mix some cleaning products in the water. Be careful though because some of them contain chemicals that might ruin the nearby plants. Just cover them to be on the safe side. If you do the job yourself, cover your hands and face.

Deck finishing

Whether you need the old deck finish removed or not, it depends on its condition. If it’s peeling or looks awful, there’s no point in staining over it. In such cases, the old finish must be scraped off and the new finish must be applied after the surface is smoothened perfectly. For extra resistance and longevity, apply a protective finish first and let it dry. Then, stain the deck but watch out how you do it. Spraying the deck stain seems easier and faster, but it’s not. You need to cover all the surroundings well to avoid making a mess. If you want better control, use the traditional brush.

Whichever ways you choose to revive the old outdoor wood deck, just make sure the job is done and it’s done right. Wooden decks suffer due to their exposure to the elements and also frequent use. But if you want to continue enjoy your deck for years to come, take care of it.