How to Take Good Care of Your Wooden Deck

cedar deckSince not all wood types are the same, the maintenance of outdoor decking is not the same either. And then it depends on how much the deck is exposed to grease, moisture, sun, and traffic. It will also make a difference if your deck is stained and then again which finishes are used. For example, solid ones will make maintenance more difficult. As an overall, softwoods and cheap decks will require more maintenance and regularly while hardwoods will hardly require any sort of repairs.

With that said, let us point out that whether this is an ipe or cedar outdoor decking, it will still need to be checked occasionally. One more thing you can do to maintain the good looks and longevity of your deck is to prevent problems, which often happen due to simple reasons.

This is a checkup list that will help you keep your outdoor wooden decks fresh and beautiful as new.

Popped nails? Loose deck railings? Fix them

Even ipe outdoor decking, which won’t bother you with problems for manywoodwork-contractor years, might need some repairs at one point. Don’t forget that problems can occur for all sorts of reasons. You might drop something heavy on the deck or a staircase board might make a squeaky noise. It’s best to pay attention to small or big problems and get in touch with a deck company to have them repaired as quickly as possible. It goes without saying that if you inspect rot or big cracks or any kind of serious damage, you should fix it as soon as possible.

You won’t believe what power washing can do

Whether you’ve got cedar or pressure treated decking, it will get dirty. The more it is used the more cleaning it needs. If you spend time outdoors eating, playing with the dog, or doing bar-b-que, you need to wash the deck and remove debris. If you don’t use it all seasons round, elements will make it dirty. In these cases, it is often helpful to power wash it.

Watch out when you grill

Speaking of bar-b-que, watch out of the grease. It can stain your deck. Not that stains cannot be removed with the right solution. But oil stains are a drag.

Watch these flower pots

If you like your flower pots all around, remember that soil can land in flower-pots between the deck boards. And although dust is expected to find its way in the seams, we cannot say that it’s equally innocent for soil to accumulate in these parts. Simply because moisture will be trapped under your deck and that’s not good.

Sweep, sweep, sweep

Sweep your deck to remove dirt, bread crumbs, leaves, and anything that will either compromise its beauty or stain the surface.

Wood decking needs sealing

Protect your deck from moisture and all elements by periodically sealing it. Your deck contractor will tell you how often your decking needs sealing – based on wood type.

Shovel snow

Shovel snow off your patio to keep the deck clean. If it stays on the deck for long, it will cause damage due to moisture. And don’t forget that snow turns to water when it starts melting. And water is no good for your wooden deck either.