Inspiring Wood Deck Makeovers to Improve Your Landscape

Custom DeckWhen you first approach deck companies, you most likely dream of beautiful outdoor environments that will help you relax. And that’s exactly what you get with custom decks. From one day to the next, you stop dreaming about decks and live the dream. But it’s often hard to imagine the whole picture of the full landscape transformation right from the start. It’s often helpful to get your ipe custom decks and then see what else you can do to spruce up the backyard. Or you might be on a tight budget and prefer to leave extra add-ons for later on. If this time has come for you, check out these makeovers and see your landscape looks improve with only a few moves.

Add a wooden pergola

Add a new wood structure and witness your outdoor decking transformed into a dreamy space. A pergola won’t only make the outdoor area more interesting but also provide shade. It can be used for the growth of climbing plants or become the modern focal point with a white cloth. With the ability to order a custom pergola, you can choose the style and color to complement the deck.

Paint your outdoor decking

Whether you’ve got a wood or composite deck, there is no need todeck-painting compromise with the natural wood tones. Although they look lovely in the yard, you might feel like changing the environment with whites, blue-grays, cream, or green colors. Don’t be afraid to blend colors. Choose gray for the railings and white for the deck. Mix & match blues & grays for the deck and stairs or the deck and the pergola. Bring more color to the yard to make the decking area more cheerful.

Get new deck railings

If you don’t have a deck railing system or the existing railings are old, it’s time to check out what’s available on the market. From wooden railings to match the tone of your deck to metal choices for more contemporary looks, you have plenty of choices and in many designs. This is one of the greatest add-ons because it will complete the picture and increase safety.

Expand your deck

extend-deckIf you have ordered a rather small cedar custom deck at one point but have plenty of more space in the yard, perhaps it’s time to expand it. Think of your outdoor activities to determine the size you need. You must have enough space for your garden furniture but for the kid’s toys or plants too. Always leave some breathing room so that the deck won’t be cluttered, the same way you will do with the living room.

Decorate the deck area

Bring life to your cedar or pressure treated deck by adding flowers and plants. Outdoor decorations definitely include garden furniture. Treat this project as if you were decorating the living room. If you spend hours on the deck, you need to feel comfortable. And the surroundings must be inviting. So get lanterns to create a nice atmosphere, throw pillows on the loveseat and don’t let anyone bother you.

Add a wood fence

Get some privacy by adding a wooden fence. You might need it if there are no trees around or the neighbor’s house is too close for your peace of mind. Choose the same wood type with the deck. Order a wood ipe fence if you’ve got an ipe deck or simply pick any wood species and paint it a different hue. Either way, it will be a great add-on.