Is Building a Wood Fence a Good Idea?

Wood Fence Wooden fences have been around for a long time. And there’s a good reason for that. In spite of the fence style and design, wood is an excellent choice among all other materials. It’s versatile, warm, practical, and elegant. If there’s already a wood deck or a wooden pergola in your backyard, a fence made of the same timber will come to complement the style and bring the home aesthetics to another level.

Are all things about wood fences perfect? No! No material is perfect, to be exact. Especially if we are talking about structures set outside and thus, exposed to the natural elements, like fencing. Despite the few drawbacks, building a wood fence is truly a good idea, and we’ll tell you why.

All the good things about wood fences

  • Versatile- Wooden fences look great wherever you put them. They can be customized to meet everyone’s needs, in regard to the fence’s size, height, style, color, and design. The material can be treated if you want to change the looks of the fence. Since this is a natural material, it blends beautifully with the natural environment and it shows that it has always been a part of it.
  • Unique- Since we are talking about lumber, each piece is unique. After all, not all fences are made of the same wood species. And not all wood species come from the same trees while all trees are different. And so, the texture, feeling, and appearance of each wood fence are unique, especially when it’s stained and so its grains are apparent. 
  • Durable- Wood is strong. That’s why it’s broadly used in the construction industry. With proper maintenance, wood fences can last for a very long time.
  • Gorgeous- Wood is one of the most elegant materials. Although each tree has its own unique beauty, they are all stupendous. And it’s only up to you to choose based on your personal preference.

Speaking of trees, fences are made of various wood species

  • Cedar fences are popular due to their beautiful color. No wonder most cedar fences are stained and not painted. Cedar fencing is not the most expensive choice but it doesn’t come cheap either.
  • Pine fences are one of the most cost-effective choices. This timber is soft and is resistant to rotting and insects but it’s pressure treated if it’s to be used for fence building.
  • Cypress fences cost as much as cedar – often less, it depends on the location. The timber is beautiful and that’s why it is often stained and not painted. It is resistant to insects and bugs due to a substance, called cypretine.
  • Redwood fences are very popular due to their durability. It weathers beautifully and is resistant to insects. It’s also beautiful and one of the most expensive fencing choices.
  • panel-fence-ipa-woodIpe fences and fences made of other tropical hardwood are particularly expensive but also particularly beautiful. They age well, are very strong, and are resistant to nearly all wood enemies.
  • Composite fences are not pure wood but made of wood fibers mixed with recycled plastic. This material is a great option if you want practically no fence maintenance. It mimics real wood well, but it’s not wood. And it’s not very cheap either.

Before you decide on whether to build a wooden fence or not, and which lumber to choose, consider your needs, taste, budget, and location. Since not all woods have the same resilience, durability, and resistance, not all of them are ideal for all regions. It always depends on the region’s climate.

The bad things about wood fences

As you likely know, wood may rot, warp, and get affected by the weather, termites, bugs, UV rays, freezing temperatures, et cetera. So, the considerations are quite a lot. But then again, not all wood species have the same reaction to all these enemies, and not all regions have the same phenomena. That’s why taking into account your location in order to choose the lumber is necessary.

To compensate for these disadvantages, one can maintain the wooden fence regularly – based on the location and the type of lumber. By doing so, most problems can be prevented. And while this sounds tiring, it’s not since there are fence builders ready to offer such services. Also, this can be your chance to change the looks of your fence. Another benefit of wood fences is that they can be painted or stained. So, if you are tired of looking at the same fence, you simply change its color.