Outdoor Decking Décor Ideas for All Seasons

Decking Décor IdeasSeasons come and go and your outdoor decking decoration choices will make them more memorable. Not all seasons have the same color! When you match the blue summer hues and the winter earthy tones with the deck décor, you create a luring environment without much effort. It’s the best idea to improve your mood and expand the hours of the day all year long – and not just in the summer. That’s the beauty of getting custom decks in LA. You can enjoy them at all times – there isn’t an offseason.

Now, the warm color of the ipe or cedar outdoor decking will give the tone of the backyard’s color scheme. But wouldn’t it be boring to keep the home outdoor the same season after season? Here are some simple tips on how to add some character to the deck and celebrate each season in its full.

Fall deck decoration ideas

The earthy tones of fall range from yellow and golden to brownish andFall deck orange. A perfect match for the wooden deck. Since the days already get shorter and shorter, decorate the deck stairs with paper bag luminaries by cutting them out in leaf shapes. Follow the season spirit. Tree and leaf décor items provide the autumnal touch. Hang garlands to make the wooden pergola over the deck more interesting. And don’t forget the seasonal holidays. The beautiful shape and color of pumpkins will never be outdated. But you can explore more deck décor ideas than simply settling for the scary face. Choose new patterns – like polka dots or stripes – to create deck candles.

Winter outdoor deck décor tips

winter deckWinter is seldom white in LA but the chilly nights will be cozier with a blanket on the deck furniture. Since it won’t be long before Christmas, hang wreaths in all sorts of colors. They look lovely against the wall, hanging from the deck railings, or finding their place on the wooden fence. The short winter days are also dark. While a fire pit will make the deck area more comfortable, some outdoor accent lighting will make the days longer and the nights brighter. Get new cushions for the garden furniture or change the color of the upholstery. Prefer earthy tones or go for white.

Spring decking decorations

Spring is the time for renovation, restoration, and rejuvenation. One way tospring deck decorate the deck and bring the spring mood to your backyard but also fix some imperfections is to sand and repaint the garden furniture. Or sand and repaint the deck. Or both. This is an excellent opportunity to take a swing in the color palette and go for a different hue – especially when it comes to the old furniture. If you have nothing of the sorts in mind, settle for something simpler as to get new pillows. Bring some color to the backyard. Create a corner with plants. Hang a string of lights from the pergola beams and over the dining table. Get a new piece of furniture, perhaps a swing chair. Create a new relaxing area – small stools hardly occupy space, are portable, and play the role of small side tables too. Choose happy colors. Springtime is a happy season!

Summer deck design ideas

Summer deckGetting all blue & white is timeless. But these days, vivid colors are vogue. And there are some amazing colorful and waterproof pouf chairs, ideal for outdoor environments or decks by the pool. Use new fabrics to dress pillows or throw over the pergola. They will add this airy look that defines the hot season. Get lanterns and line them on the decking staircase. White might be the king of summer, but fret not to bring in stripes, polka dots, and happy colors to make your days cheerful out in the deck.