Pergolas and Decks: Easy Ways to Add Style to the Backyard

deck and pergolaWith pergola and deck building, you can add style to your backyard in no time. But since not all such structures are the same, we are here to consider the elements that make a wood pergola and a deck the right choice for your yard, how they can improve the aesthetics of your outdoor environment, and also how they can improve your life.

Are decks & pergolas for you?

The good news is that a wooden pergola and a deck will be an excellent choice even if the space is narrow or small. Today, you get custom decks and pergolas. And so, all it takes is choosing the location and taking measurements.

How can the outdoor decking & pergola make your life better?

Pergola and deck construction projects become successful additions when they meet your needs. They need to match your style, be functional according to your activities, cost a price you can afford, provide some privacy, protect you from the elements, and require minimum maintenance.

You might think that’s a lot to consider. But it’s not. After all, the job of the pergola contractor is to tell you which material will best suit your style without exceeding your family budget. The deck contractor will tell you which size will be best to suit your lifestyle and what structure will be best based on the landscape.

climbing plantWhat you need to consider is your lifestyle. For example, wooden pergolas may enhance your privacy. In a landscape with a multi-leveled deck with pergolas, you can use each level for a different activity. When the pergolas are covered with a climbing plant or slats, they can provide privacy – you have dinner at the lower level, but your children and their friends cannot see you from the upper level.

Different levels of decking break up the space into different activity areas and thus give the chance to all the family members to do what they want without disturbing one another. They create the feeling that you are all together without actually being together. And that’s a good thing when you want the kids around, but beg for some alone time too.

Pergolas with some kind of a cover provide protection from the elements too. You can enjoy the outdoors whether it’s sunny or raining. Pergolas offer shade and decks offer the wooden floor you want to feel clean and cozy. And then again, you have choices. If you beg for some sun when it gets colder, you can uncover the pergola and it will instantly get warmer.

How wood pergolas and decks improve the aesthetics?

From a pergola topped with flowers to the charm of an ipe deck, the aesthetic of such outdoor structures is breathtaking. And the style options are infinite. First of all, you can choose any timber you want in any color you like – don’t forget that lumber can be painted. And so, over the years some home improvements will allow you to transform your old cedar deck construction just by changing the color.

And then, when you order your custom pergolas and decks, you can choose from a huge range of styles and designs. The design may be intricate or minimalistic to suit your style, while the additional accessories – climbing plants, awnings, curtains, and light, will also add a flair.

pergola2Overall, the simplest the design the better. Why? Because you can transform your backyard based on the latest trends, the season, and your mood. If you stick with a classic cedar deck building and a simple pergola design, you will bring timeless elegance to your backyard and then will have the chance to become creative at every turn of the season.