Pre-Fabricated Decks – Ready-to-Build Solutions

Pre-Fabricated DecksWhat’s the traditional way of deck building? You find a local deck contractor, say what you want and dream, they take measurements, offer design ideas, build, install. If you are decided on what you want, have the budget, and the choice among deck contractors in your area is not limited to one, you can have the outdoor area transformed quickly.

With pre-fabricated decks, your landscape is transformed much quicker – the same day you get your hands on the kit. And the expense is considerably lower. So, if pre-fab decks have great advantages, why do we keep going back to the traditional method?

Let us discover the pre-fab outdoor decking solutions, the pros and cons of such an idea, what’s best for you.

Pre-fab decks: the ready-to-build solutions

Nowadays, you can order real wood or composite decks, all the building materials required, and the necessary accessories and have the package at your door in no time. While most pre-fab decks include tiles, some include interlocking planks. You simply measure the area you want to cover and order your pre-fab deck kit based on the size of the tiles, for example (11”x11”, 12”x12”, 40”x40”, etc.). You can find material, design, size, and color options to match your personal needs. You can also match the deck with railings.

The advantage of pre-fab deck kits?

cedar deck•   You get the parcel at home, avoiding the part of finding a deck company, having a contractor over, etc.

•   The kits include the things you need to build a deck. You don’t need a deck builder, although you can get one if you want the job done by a tech.

•   With modular decks, you can arrange and rearrange the tiles as you see fit.

•   You can get different but similar in terms of color or design pre-fab deck kits and get creative as far as the deck installation is concerned.

•   You can build nearly any deck you want – a ground, floating, or elevated deck.

•   The project will not cost you much.

The disadvantage of pre-fab decks?

•   With a custom deck, you get exactly what you want.

•   Having a professional deck contractor taking the measurements and inspecting the landscape is much more reassuring than doing it yourself.

•   Having experienced deck builders do the job – especially if this is a challenging multi-level deck, will bring you the peace of mind that the installation is done right.

•   When you turn to a pro company, you get many more choices and options in just about everything – deck materials, designs, styles, colors.

What’s the best outdoor deck solution for you? Pre-fab or not?

Clearly, the advantages of pre-fab decks outnumber their disadvantages. But if you pay a closer look, you will notice that the disadvantages actually make a very strong statement. They are not something you should take lightheartedly.

So, how can you make a decision? It basically depends on several personal matters.

For example, if you plan a multi-level deck construction, it’s best to hire a contractor. If there are any considerations related to safety, drainage, mold, etc., finding a professional is the best course of action. Yes, it’s more expensive if you consider all the things involved in having a custom decking built, but it’s totally worth it.

On the other hand, if you only want to beautify the patio area with deck wood; if you only want a small ground deck; if you want a simple solution for your mobile home; or if you don’t want to spend much for any reason at all, pre-fab kits are the best choice.