Pros and Cons of Tarps on Pergolas

pergola tarpWhile wooden pergolas provide some protection from the elements, the open latticework will still let the sunrays and rain go through. And here is where tarps step in to save the situation and allow you to enjoy the outdoors, heat or rain. But then again, not all tarps are the same. The climate is not the same everywhere either, while not all homes get the same exposure to the rainfall and sun.

Simply put, what you choose to cover your wood pergola depends on many factors – from your location to your budget and personal needs and habits.

Tarps are often used as pergola covers. And although this is a great choice – one that can untie your hands without much hassle, there are also some downsides to it. And so, today we are going to break down the pros and cons of tarps on pergolas. Let’s get started.

The good things about pergola tarps

  • There are many types of tarps.
  • Tarps are made of different materials.
  • You can find plenty of colors.
  • Tarps are the cost-effective solution for covering pergolas.
  • Easy to place and remove.

The bad things about tarp pergola covers

  • Not the best choice if you care about the appearance.
  • Rainwater may make them very heavy and cause damage.
  • Damage may be inflicted on the structure as well.
  • They are not a I-buy-once-to-keep-forever product.

Some pergola tarp considerations

While you may think things are pretty straight forward, they are not. So, let’s go back to your outdoor decking and the beautiful pergola over it. Is there an inclination that will allow the rainwater to shed without making the tarp heavy? If not, you might face some troubles with the structure.

pergola tarpTarps are made of several materials since the range of their utility is rather wide. And so, the trick here is to find a tarp which will be breathable, water-proof, resistant to the heat and the elements. And so, your choices narrow down. Actually, the best choice for pergola covers is heavy-duty vinyl tarps.

The best tarp options for your pergola

Heavy duty tarps are so strong that they are also used to cover damaged roofs for the avoidance of leaks. And so, while your choices are basically limited to what tarp you will choose, the strength of such products goes beyond all expectations. They are so strong that they are not often recommended for residences but only for industrial purposes.

The next best thing is PVC clear tarps that will allow the light to pass through the pergola’s planks and protect you from the rain and winds. That’s because such tarps are also thick and durable, water-proof and resistant to the elements. But they won’t provide shade, while they will make the outdoor area a tad warmer.

The good & the bad of wood pergola tarps

By getting a resistant, heavy-duty tarp to cover the pergola, you solve many problems. You place it easily, can replace it without hassle, and get to keep it for years. At the same time, you can enjoy some time on your cedar deck without worrying about a sudden rainstorm or the chilly nights when it gets a bit colder.

But then again, it depends on your location. If it gets too windy, for pergola tarpexample, the tarp may be ripped and blown away. If you want the pergola to stand out for its beauty, covering it with a tarp is not the best idea. It’s best to ask from your pergola contactor to come up with a design idea that will include a roof that will offer sufficient protection. In one sentence, tarps have an ugly face but their good moments too.