The Benefits of Installing Wood Fences

The American Dream included a suburban house with a white picket fence… And although the concept drifted away, the wood fence idea is pretty much alive and in fact very popular. So, let the fence be made of wood, please, and add a gate too. After all, those two go hand in hand. You can’t have a fence without a pedestrian gate and you can’t have a pedestrian gate without a fence.

Why WOOD fences and gates?

Wood gates and fences are timeless in terms of aesthetics. They will make a difference to the appealing and thus home value. And these things are both appreciated by homeowners. But there is more to it. Wood is:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Beautiful and so it will match to any architectural style
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to shape into any design, size, and style
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in many species
  • Easy to paint in any color

But since the truth must be told there are also some disadvantages, which if taken into account from the start, will hardly become problems. Since wood dries out, it might crack in the long run without the right maintenance. It is also vulnerable to weather and termites. But if you choose a durable wooden fence and make sure it is properly finished and taken care of over the years, you won’t have a problem.

Now, what’s the buzz about pedestrian wood gates?

Let us just say that pedestrian gates have become a must-do project even if you have a vehicular wood gate. And it has to do with your safety. Those on foot shouldn’t walk on car lanes for the avoidance of accidents. With that said, pedestrian gates are a necessary addition to your fencing. And if you order custom wood fences, nothing will match better than a wood custom gate.

Apart from the obvious need to have a pedestrian gate (and not jump over the fence) to get to your house, a wooden gate will also serve as:

  • A deterrent to potential intruders since gates can be locked, block the view, and thus increase both your privacy and security.
  • The only entry point in the premises and so you can easily keep control of who is coming in but also of who is going out.
  • The boundaries of your property along with the fence. And that’s important when you have children playing outside and want to be sure of their safety.
  • A worthy addition that will increase the value of the house. When you have the property well-protected with a gate and fence, the house takes an increased aesthetic and security value and thus its resale price goes up.

The combination of wooden fences and gates is the best way to enjoy your privacy, draw boundaries, increase security, and make the property even more elegant without breaking the bank either. And that’s a pretty good deal! Yes, wood needs some maintenance. But which material doesn’t? With all that said, it’s fair to conclude that investing in the old fashioned American Dream with the picket fence and gate still makes sense.