The Best Wood Awning Options for Your Home Deck

Traditionally, an awning is a fabric which stretches and often retracts over a metal structure for the purpose of providing shade to a building. You can get a freestanding, drop down, fixed, or retractable awning or just use an umbrella. But when it comes to accentuating the wooden deck, nothing compares with wood awning choices.

Today, there are all sorts of woodwork ideas for outdoor projects. Although all awning options have their pros and cons, wooden ones are really elegant and more often than not, they can be combined with fabrics for a summer look.

Pergolas are a perfect awning option

pergola2A wooden pergola makes the perfect awning. It’s not portable like an umbrella, but instead steady and as large as you want it to be. Pergolas often go hand in hand with decks. You can use the same wood species to pair them beautifully.

Pergolas are open structures. They have posts to support them and beams run on the top to create a semi-open roofing. This is where you can throw a cloth to have more shade during the warm summer days.

  • They are steady and so you don’t have to bother picking them up when the season is over.
  • You can choose a variety of wood options and stain them the same color as your deck.
  • Pergolas can be small or large depending on what you need.
  • If they are maintained right, pergolas will last for over two decades and so you will compensate for the pergolas construction cost.
  • No matter which wood species you use for pergola building, it will need maintenance. And that’s often a hassle and an extra expense.
  • Since this is a heavy structure and must be well installed on the deck, it’s not a recommended DIY work. You will need to hire a pergola builder.
  • If you prefer movable awning options, pergolas are not for you.

Canopies are actually awnings

An awning becomes a canopy as soon as you add pillars to support it.Canopies awning Imagine this structure made of wood. Now imagine choosing the same wood and color as your outdoor decking. What’s important here is the framing. You can have a pyramid or hip roof and throw a fabric over it to create a shady environment on the deck. Alternatively, you can forget about roof framing and just use wooden pillars to attach the fabric you want.

  • It’s a durable and permanent construction that will last for years.
  • You don’t have to move the fabric when the summer is over but in this case, it will get damaged faster. On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about it – at least for a few years.
  • You can choose the size you want and thus cover a larger area than just if you only had an umbrella.
  • You can play with fabric colors and designs and thus change the decoration every summer.
  • If you decide to remove the fabric, know that this is not a one-person work.
  • Canopy awnings are great but not for DIY enthusiasts.

Lattice structures are the modern approach to a typical awning

lattice-awningLattice is a woodwork with strips in various patterns. You can choose a striped wooden construction covering the entire area over the deck. It’s far more modern and minimal compared to the traditional wooden pergola. It has thinner boards, which don’t protrude and a clean-cut structure. You can still add a fabric over its semi-open roof to create more shadow over the deck.

  • This is the best awning option when it comes to minimal outdoor design ideas.
  • You can choose any wood type you want.
  • It will blend wonderfully with the existing deck.
  • Since it is made of wood, it will need maintenance. But then again it depends on which wood species you choose.
  • It’s not easy to add a fabric on top, but it’s easy to remove it.