The Best Wood Options for Pergola Building

Pergolas_BuilderWood pergolas are not just the extension of your kitchen or living room. They also feature over wooden gates. They can be simple, rustic, modern or sleek and are often paired with outdoor decking. So there is lots of wood in one place and the objective is to match species and colors and be sure of their longevity. So when it comes to choosing wood for your custom pergola, it’s hardly an easy decision.

Things to consider before you talk to pergola contractors

It’s helpful to have your thoughts organized before you talk to pergola contractors. Although their role is to help you with every single detail and definitely designs and wood options, you need to know what you want based on your needs. Since not all woods have the same properties or need the same maintenance, it’s useful to keep in mind:

  • Your budget. How much do you want to spend for your wooden pergola?pergola2

Money issues are often related to your home. If this is your own home, you might want to invest in more expensive woods and constructions for long-lasting effects. If you plan to sell, you can still get a steady and beautiful pergola but there is no need to spend an arm and a leg. Now, if this is a rental but you still want to install a wood pergola, don’t spend much.

  • Is this part of the house fully exposed to the elements?
  • Do you care to order custom decks along with the pergola?
  • Is there a wooden fence or gate nearby?

Don’t forget that the sun, moisture, and insects are all wood enemies. Depending on your home’s exposure, you need to select resistant woods. If by any chance, you like to match the pergola with the existing cedar fence, you might want to use the same wood. Or stain them both the same to match. The same goes if you already have or want to get a cedar or pressure treated deck. You don’t have to use the same wood for all constructions nor stain them all exactly the same. But it’s important to keep the same style and hues which mix & match nicely in order to create cohesiveness and harmony in your landscape.

Of course, the question pending is which wood to select for your pergola!

  • Cedar is a popular choice due to its warm red color and longevity. It’s a softwood resistant to rot and insects. It’s beautiful and will eventually turn gray but it can be painted, sealed, and stained easily.
  • Redwood has similar properties and an identical rich reddish color.
  • If you are looking for budget-friendly options, your pergola builders will most likely recommend pressure treated woods. This is always the best choice if you want inexpensive pergolas and although it will resist insects and rot and thus last long, it is not as attractive as other wood options.
  • Ipe is perhaps the most expensive choice of all but also long-lasting. Its color and looks are nothing less than astonishing. You can match ipe custom decks, pergolas and fences and turn your garden into a posh landscape. It can also be stained and due to its density, it’s one of the best options for coastal regions.