The Most Popular Outdoor Decking Types and Locations

deck sandblastingThe simplest outdoor decking design can increase the value of your home and promise memorable times. The good news is that the designs and the style possibilities are nearly endless, especially if you work with an experienced deck contractor. But there’s always the question of the location. There’s the question of which type to choose too. And you need to decide on these two matters even before you select the material. Whether you choose ipe, pressure-treated, mahogany or cedar outdoor decking, it’s vital for you to know where it will be placed.

The most popular deck types & locations

The most popular types are the ground level attached decks followed by the freestanding ones, which are often placed right outside the home too. Freestanding decks often serve as elevated decks when you want to have access from the second level of the home. And then, there are the multi-level and roof decks while wraparound and side decks also gain in popularity lately. The type of the deck is defined by the way it is built (attached or not etc.) but often defines the location too. When we are talking about a roof deck, we all know where it is placed but this type requires a special deck building. Here we see the most popular types and their usual locations.

Attached decks

A standard attached deck resembles a patio with the difference that is deck in small yardelevated above the ground and thus supported on one side with columns. It is a great idea when you like a deck to become an extension of the house and provide you with instant access to the outdoor seating area. Attached deck construction is not possible when the home exterior structure is irregular and doesn’t allow the solid fastening of the deck and when the house is a two-level building.

Freestanding decks

Also called island decks, freestanding decks serve as detached platforms that can be placed anywhere in the back yard. A deck builder can design a walkway or you may have access to it via natural paths. It might stand alone under trees or become the floor of a wooden pergola. It is convenient because as all decks, it is slightly raised from the ground and thus suitable for even harsh and rocky terrains. The best news is that it often takes the place of attached decks and when these ones cannot be fastened to the home. In this case, the contractor will suggest a freestanding deck that will be self-supporting and have the benefit of not causing additional burden to the house.

Wraparound decks

Wraparound decks follow the perimeter of the house and thus provide more space and a cohesive look. They are convenient if there are ground level sliding doors around the house since you can exit to the deck and thus a sound structure from any room. They also help you follow the sun or find shade and thus spend more time outdoors.

Layered decks

Layered decks are also known as multi-level structures and are ideal for homes built in slanted landscapes. Here you actually have several decks and since they are placed on different levels, they are bridged with staircases more often than paths – it depends on the terrain’s inclination.

Pool decks

A durable ipe outdoor decking is often ideal for the area around the pool. pool deckPool decking is popular because it provides a non-slippery area and a warm feeling under the feet. It increases home value but the drawback is the increased moisture in this area. For this reason, composite decking is the preferred choice among materials although some hardwoods are also a good option if properly finished and maintained.

Roof decks

Roof decks are ideal for flat roofs but require meticulous planning beforehand. Here you will need an expert roof deck contractor to examine the area and tell you if it’s possible to build a deck to the roof without causing problems that will lead to indoor water damage. The advantage of roof decks is that they create a perfect and isolated shelter with a view.

In order to make the right choice, you need to decide where you want to place the deck first. The deck contractors can tell if the location is good or not and then will offer you the right solution among the types available.