What You Should Consider before Pool Deck Building

The reason for having a pool in the yard is to enjoy the hot summer days with the family and friends. So the surroundings should not only be attractive but also safe. Here’s where the right pool deck will make a difference. Although the term ‘pool deck’ may refer to all materials that can be used to cover the surface around the pool – from stones to brick – decks are mainly made of wood – natural or composite.

Why wood pool decks are the best options

When talking about outdoor decking, our mind goes straight to wood. Inpool decks real life, the area around the pool might be covered by concrete, tiles, vinyl, stones and many more materials. And although each one of them might be appealing, not one of them begins to compare with the beauty of wood.

All the same, you need to consider several factors before ordering a custom deck for around the pool.

Composite or wood pool deck?

composite or woodWooden decks are often the best choice when it comes to the pool area because they are not as slippery as concrete or tiles. Although other materials are very resistant to elements, they can easily crack, get dirty, and become slippery. And that’s the last thing you want.

So, the number one concern before pool deck construction is your safety. And wood decking is a great choice. On the other hand, there is always the question of durability and longevity. Wood close to a body of water? Here is where the range of wood deck choices comes to untie your hands.

  • If you prefer natural wood, prefer hardwood options. Ipe decks are great. They are low-maintenance and extremely durable wood species. And one of the most beautiful choices too.
  • On the other hand, there is always the choice of composite decks. Since these ones are a blend of wood fibers and plastic, they are very resistant and hardly need maintenance.

What type of pool deck do you need?

Is your pool below or above ground? This will make a difference to thepool decking service deck building. It means that you might need stairs. If you are going to separate the levels due to pool location and uneven ground surfaces, you might need to consider if you want to also create zones for different activities. So, you might extend the wood deck from around the pool to closer to the building by making separate areas, where you will keep the dinner table, garden furniture, etc. Now if you already have a deck and a wooden pergola close to the house, you might want to match the existing wood species with the new pool deck.

Consider the pool decking cost

The cost won’t only include the prime materials but also the labor work of the deck builders. When it comes to such constructions, you need professionals for the job. Although this won’t be a cheap home improvement project, it’s important to trust it to experts.

As a matter of fact, it’s vital to hire a deck contractor to help you with the design, layout, planning, material selection, and everything needed from the start. Don’t forget that there is a lot of engineering when it comes to deck installation nearby water (drainage system) and then it’s a matter of being sure pool deck building is done correctly so that it will react (contract, expand) to the elements without giving you trouble.