What’s the Best Color for Your Outdoor Decking?

Deck colorWhen we talk about outdoor decking, we usually picture wood tones. But this is not the only option. Although such natural hues blend wonderfully in the environment, you can make the sitting area of your backyard a lot more vibrant by using different colors. Should you choose colors at random? No. Just like you pay attention to the interior style of your home, you should be equally careful with the exterior design. How to choose the best color for your wooden deck? Test and then test again.

Test before you paint the outdoor decking

With so many colors, it’s often hard to choose the right hue for your exterior. Test whether blue or green will make your cedar outdoor decking stand out. Paint parts of your deck the colors you have picked and see which one makes a difference. When you test colors in small areas, always remember that they will make a greater impact when the whole deck is painted.

The best deck color options

There is no limit to the cedar or ipe outdoor decking color schemes, but these are the hues mostly used:

  • Black is the best choice when you want to bring drama in the garden. It’s one of the boldest neutrals and one of the most sophisticated color options. The drawbacks are that they become too bold on large decks and dust will show.
  • White is one more bold color. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a summery look in the garden and for coastal homes. White gets dirty easily though and so if you are not keen in cleaning often, choose another hue.
  • Blue tones create a relaxing atmosphere and provide a great change to the usual hues selected for decks.
  • Green is definitely an option since it will pair nicely with the natural surroundings. Choose any tone from alligator to forest green to enhance the appeal.
  • Gray tones are also excellent choices. Dark gray and washed options will hide footprints and bring elegance to the yard.

How to choose deck colors

  • The landscape will affect your decisions. Paint your custom decks darker hues when the landscape is rather colorful with either flowers or items. Prefer vivid tones when the yard is mostly green to avoid dull visual effects. When you take into account the outdoor environment, consider other wooden structures as well. For example, if there is a wooden pergola over the deck, see if you should opt for monochromatic options or paint them contrasting colors. This is often determined by the surroundings. The dullest the environment the more intense the contrast of colors.
  • Since your ipe custom decks are the extension of your interior, take into consideration the color of the indoor flooring. In order to create continuity, you need to choose a similar hue. Chances are that the indoor flooring is neither blue nor green but wooden indoor floors can matched with gray or dark blue decks. Stones and marbles are beautifully paired with gray colors. One way to avoid choosing the wrong hue for the deck is to test an area close to the glass opening leading to your living room.
  • One last thing to remember when you select paint is to consider if you have wood or composite decking. Although composites don’t necessarily need stains, they can be painted the color of your choice for customized looks.