Which Are the Benefits of Hardwood Outdoor Decking

cedar-deckingDo deck contractors and landscape architects suggest tropical hardwoods to bring an exotic mood to your garden? This could work too. But the main reason for installing mahogany or ipe outdoor decking is their durability. When you spend money on outdoor constructions, you expect to pay a price. But what you also expect is longevity. Now, if the custom decks are (almost) free of maintenance too, even better.

Things to know about hardwood

For deck building, pros use softwoods or hardwoods. Now, one of the main differences between the two is that hardwood is sourced from trees, which grow slowly. The most common types used are ipe, Cumaru, teak, and mahogany. Hardwood is dense and so difficult to process too. That’s one more reason why ipe deck building will cost you more than if you would have chosen softwoods, like cedar or pine. But that’s what makes them an excellent choice for outdoor deck construction.

If you are going to pay some money for deck construction, at least makeipa-decking long-life choices. Don’t forget that outdoor decks are daily exposed to elements. No matter what the weather conditions are, they should withstand the temperatures and moisture. So it’s always vital to consider your area’s weather but also the landscape section where you will install the deck. Is it exposed too much to the sun? Is this a high traffic area in your home? In such cases, hardwoods are definitely worth their cost simply because they outperform softwoods. Why? They are not called tropical for nothing. They have been growing slowly in a tropical environment and so are resistant by nature.

Why you will enjoy hardwood outdoor decking for years

deck2Take ipe for example. This hardwood outdoor decking won’t only outlast your expectations but be the jewel of your garden. Hardwood might be more expensive than softwood but longevity and almost maintenance-free requirements will compensate for the price difference. Just for the record, ipe is not terribly expensive. And don’t forget that the final cost will also depend on how big is the landscape you want to cover, design, layout etc.

It’s hard to draw with words the beauty of ipe decks. But ipe deck contractors will be able to show you images so that you can view the unparalleled beauty of this reddish hardwood. Eventually, it will take a silvery gray color. But you can still stain it to keep its dark hue stand out for years. One of the downsides is that ipe is not easy to stain due to its density. But you can let deck companies help you with such tasks. You can also install an ipe fence or pergola along with the deck and bring elegance to your garden.

Since hardwood is resistant and durable, it will not split, rot, or crack. Such things make it the best solution for high traffic patios. It’s more likely to see scratches on softwood than hardwood. So if you want long-term solutions, hardwood is the best choice. And if you want to sell the house tomorrow, your ipe deck will be one of the elements that will increase the resale value of your home. So, think about it.