Which Is the Best Wood Choice for Your Fence?

FenceConsidered as one of the greatest add-ons, wooden fences won’t only provide privacy but also increase the curb appeal and the value of your home. These are the main reasons why people invest in wood fencing in the first place. And so the construction you order to wood fences builders must meet your needs. Don’t forget that not all wood types are the same and their longevity depends on many aspects.

What you expect from wooden fences

  • To last for as long as possible
  • To increase your privacy
  • To hardly give you any problems
  • To enhance the aesthetics of your home
  • To add value to your residence

How to choose wood types for fencing?

  • Consider the weather conditions in your areawood-fences
  • Choose woods which are not susceptible to insect infestation
  • Take into account additional structures at home (outdoor decking, pergolas, gazebos)
  • Stay within budget but never forget that more expensive options need less maintenance and last longer

Wood differences shape your decision about fencing

You might opt for cedar or ipe fence installation but you must always remember that there are differences between hardwood and softwood. There are many types of wood you can select for your fence and the requirements of your landscape will help you make up your mind. But it’s imperative to keep in mind that the type of wood you choose will determine how many years the fence will last and how often it will need maintenance.

A pro wood fences contractor will help you understand better the differences between woods. That’s important for the selection of the right grading. Wood grades determine their durability and quality with clear and premium grades being the best and most expensive options. Cost-effective choices include construction and select wood grades. They are still beautiful but might come with some flaws and won’t last as long as their counterparts.

The most popular wood types for fences

  • Opt for a wood cedar fence and get a good solution at a fair price. Cedar is not too expensive or too cheap. It has a pleasant odor & good looks, and needs occasional maintenance. One of its greatest advantages is that it contains natural oils which act as deterrents to insects. That combined with its resistance to rot makes cedar long-lasting and thus a very good choice for fencing.
  • A pressure treated fence is also a very good idea. This type of wood is infused with some chemical preservatives to make it resistant to insects and rot. These types of woods last for a long time and although aesthetically they are not the best choice, they are still an attractive solution since they are not expensive and last long.
  • Cypress is also used for fencing. Due to its reddish color, your cypress fencing will resemble a cedar fence. In terms of pricing, it is too in the middle of all wood choices. It has a nice odor too and quite a few knots.
  • One of the greatest choices is ipe. This is one of the most popular tropical hardwoods. Your ipe fence will really be the jewel of your landscape. The beautiful, dark color and the durability of the wood both make this wood species one of a kind. Since it’s very dense, you need to trust only experienced ipe fences builders. As for its price tag, it’s perhaps the only drawback. It’s more expensive than other options. But then again, its longevity & beauty compensate for the price difference.